This Week’s Updates!

I am going to be hitting you with an updated version of last weeks blog and let you know what you can expect to find with Google’s new Algorithm Update!

So, diving right into it!

New research shows that organic search is 53% of traffic to websites for most analytics accounts. So, organic search is the biggest piece of the pie. I have been saying this to all of my clients for the past year. Nothing is going to take away from your organic traffic.

I know that this is mainly an update on Google, but it’s fair to mention that TripAdvisor has blocked or removed 1.5 million fake reviews. Gives meaning to the term “fake news!” This is great for people who have relied on that platform in the past. Which then brings us back to Google, they are following and taking away a lot of the 5 star review snippets. The reason behind the removing of the snippets, is based on the fact that you can no longer review your own webpage, this was leading to a lot of spamming.

In regards to an update with Facebook, a new study shows that the best place to advertise is in the newsfeed. According to this study, 60% of the ads are showing high conversions. Second to this was in the Instagram feed. Not in the stories, not as many people are looking through all of the stories.

Snapchat, for those of you with a big enough audience, this information is going to be worth you investing time. They are now allowing up to 3-minute ads. By using this feature you will be able to use that famous phrase, “SWIPE UP!” you will allow your audience to use that feature to head over to your website.

Finally, YouTube has released video reach campaigns. You can load 3 different ad assets and then YouTube uses machine learning to determine the best combination of ads to maximize reach. Recently they came out with ads sequencing so you could do something like 7 ads in a row, (or whatever amount you wanted), and then it shows it to people in a sequence.  You can do it for all of the versions of the ads, six second bumper ads, the skippable in stream ads and the non skippable in stream ads.

That’s all of the updates that I have to give this week, stay tuned bookmark us! I promise to keep you updated on all things web. If you are still struggling to rank your website, send us an email. We will put a plan of action where you will start to see an increase in traffic, CLICK HERE!