Your Ads, Your Dollars and the miserable loss.

Are you using your money on the right platform?

Your creative is unparallel, your copy is leaps and bounds past the industry standard. You are diligently moving your organic traffic, but there seems to be something missing. You now are looking to strategies and move the needle in your favor. You are starting to allocate money to the movement of this campaign.  

You are now faced with two options, one is the world’s largest social platform that has been through more changes in the past 2 years than any other tech company, even taking the time to visit the United States congress to testify in front of a panel explaining that, “They were not responsible with people’s information.”  

The second option is to literally put this in the hands of the machine that moves the entire world. Yes, there is no arguing this statement. Google is the machine that moves the success of most companies these days, in fact, they are so powerful they decided to make a social platform that failed and after putting millions upon millions of dollars into this project, even giving people that used that platform the perks with their SEO, they just pulled the plug and said well onto the next thing.  

You have your ads in these places, both with budgets of at least $5,000 and a hope and a prayer that somehow you are able to turn these clicks into customers.  

This is where using both platforms is a plus, but I will tell you this and the answer is going to shock you. The data that you are looking for is coming from the company you are not going to like. Facebook, yep I said it, the platform everyone hates and wants the government to shut down. What are they really doing? Yes, some of their practices have not been what some would call unethical, but none the less, they have the most data points per user than any other platform. I am finding it hard to see another platform to come and dominate this space.

Tik Tok, This is a joke of a platform. Its the sad truth, when major influencers are telling you that this is the future of social media we are in trouble. I’m trying really hard to put my opinion aside but it’s really hard to think that this is the future of social media. Everyone is just copying what the most popular person is doing, using songs and other peoples art. Yeah great for content to get viral, but the idea of originality is gone.

Before I lose what this blog is really about I just want you as the business owner to know one thing. Where is your audience? What are they buying from you? How are you going to get your product in front of them? I want you to have the biggest ROI as possible, I mean that is the motivation for every marketing director.