Restaurants: Grubhub, vs a Custom Order/Delivery App.

On my phone are 2 apps. One is a big name third party food delivery app with lots of local options in there. The other app is named after the restaurant itself, and while a small chain, it obviously only services its own restaurants. Using these third party delivery apps may seem convenient because you are getting next to any competition, but there is another way that is better. To have your own app for …

Where are we posting this content?

Blogging is often at times the last thing on a companies to do list. Most of the time people just say, ” I read an article. . .” (you can fill in the rest of that statement, we hear it at least once a day).

The fact still remains, it’s the same process as blogging, the only difference between that article that was read and the the blog your company needs to produce is the actual time spent. What I’m trying to say in as few as words possible is simple. You have to spend time making sure you are checking the keywords that are making the biggest bang for your buck. You spend enough time making the content hit all of the KPI’s. Now that you have taken care of that portion, you are not posting it where? That is the problem that most people in our field are constantly trying to figure out. Where are you going to store your content, where are you going to make it your home? And on top of that where are you going to be able to use it again, (if need be?).

People are starting to move to podcasting, I made mention of this in another blog that I write for, the reason is because you are getting the content that you want to hear, nothing it stopping you from you listening to your favorite entertainers talk about topics that interest you. So how and why are you not going to use this new platform to your advantage? I’ll give you a small list of companies and I can almost guarantee that you have heard one of their live reads from your favorite podcast. Wix, Monday, Away. . . just a few of the companies that I hear on my list of podcasts that I listened to while I’m working on link building and a few of SEO elements.

Also, if you don’t believe me, think about this, the average late night television show is getting less than 1 million views per night. Some of the top performing podcasts are averaging almost 2-4 million views per episode. The best part of using your ad spend is that fact that these are episodes that are relevant enough that people discovering new content and your ads are in the episode.

100 Ways to get the traffic you have always wanted

In the modern-day landscape of saturated online content, it’s no longer enough to just build your site and wait for people to visit it. You must be proactive at promoting your site and your brand online. It’s no secret that companies will not have the money or corporate sponsorship behind them. The fact is you are going to have to sit and make the content in your off hours, spend the time looking at other …