How to handle the Google changes in 4 easy steps.

Prepare for 2020 Google Changes

Google is making changes again, no one knows what these changes are going to be, and as a good company to make sure they are not going to lose their clients, they are giving us a heads up to make sure we are ahead of the curve and prepared. I don’t mind the changes, It honestly keeps those of us practicing the white hat parts of this business up to date on the trends and what is really moving the needle for organic traffic. Recently I had to deal with a company that does not practice anything ethical. They are providing leads at such a low rate, with zero transparency there is no way they are doing anything ethical. I don’t want to put them on blast in this article but I will say that they are in the real estate game and in South Carolina, that is all I’m going to say. A little childish of me, but anyone that has read my articles knows that I’m going to take down the dishonest companies that are lying to their customers. With that being said, I am no longer having to deal with this company. I’ll give more details to that story in another blog.

I can honestly say that VIRTUALLTECH.COM has been nothing but transparent, and allows anyone and everyone to use our site to help with their link building. All we ask is that you open your site to do the same, a little #f4f if you will.

I put together 4 points on what has been the 4 staples of my career, to make sure there is nothing that Google or even Bing, (Yes I know I said Bing, and, will write about how that engine needs some love) , can do to take away my SERP ranking, with or without Ads. Let all start to practice these 4 steps and see what can happen in 2020.

  • Content and Quality: Content and quality guidelines are designed to favor original, high-quality content that offers comprehensive, insightful information.
    1.  Does the page include a compelling title and description, and do they match up with the body content? 
    2. Is this something you’d bookmark or share with a friend or colleague?
  • Expertise: Expertise looks at the author and the quality of the content. 
    1. Is the page trustworthy? Is it fact-checked? 
    2. Is there an author bio with a photo and credentials? Google has cracked down on dubious claims on “your money or your life” pages–or pages that relate to your health or financial well-being.
  • Presentation and Production: This area looks at how you present information. 
    1. Does it look good? 
    2. Does the page load quickly? 
    3. Does it contain high-quality images and be formatted in a way that makes it easy to read? 
    4. Does it look good on mobile?
    5. Is there an excessive amount of ads, or anything else that might hinder the user experience (popups, etc.)?
  • Competitive comparison: In this case, a ranking drop might not mean that your website is bad, just that your competitors may offer more engaging, out-of-the-box solutions than you currently have on your site. 
    1. How does the website compare to competitor websites? 
    2. Does your content solve problems? 
    3. Does it align with user expectations?