Amazon is cutting its Affiliate payouts!

I know it has been some time since we last chatted with you but we are all handling this time in isolation differently. Some on the team have been studying, others have been glued to the t.v. waiting to find out when we get to get back to the “normal” way of life. For some, we are just watching out Twitter timelines and laughing at everyone that is doing their very best to pass this …

Restaurants: Grubhub, vs a Custom Order/Delivery App.

On my phone are 2 apps. One is a big name third party food delivery app with lots of local options in there. The other app is named after the restaurant itself, and while a small chain, it obviously only services its own restaurants. Using these third party delivery apps may seem convenient because you are getting next to any competition, but there is another way that is better. To have your own app for …

Should I sell on Shopify or Amazon?

Amazon seller
Shopify seller

Let me ask you, In which picture are you quicker to recognize the brand that is selling you a product? The 2 pictures both show Ecommerce stores selling a product, but one is clearly more recognizable. Some people may even have thought that Amazon was the seller of the cabin, rather than the company Allwood.

The difference here is between Shopify and Amazon. More people will recognize the Amazon name, but by far, more people make purchases on Shopify today. You may have recently made a purchase on a Shopify site without even knowing it, given that the only hint may be a small “Powered by Shopify” at the bottom. We so often see people wanting to sell products through amazon because of the traffic it gets, but the fact is that you may be shooting yourself in the foot as it were. When people build an Ecommerce market, they want to sell through their store and build a brand. Amazon allows you to sell through their store, while Shopify allows you to truly build your own marketplace, and host a brand.

There is of course a trade off with both, Amazon will get more traffic, as it is an enormous site. Shopify will need traffic directed, starting with good SEO and social media both of which Shopify facilitates wonderfully when compared to Squarespace or WordPress. While both may help you sell products, Shopify may be the one to help you build your brand.