SEO vs PPC a Battle for the Ages!

In todays marketing world these are the biggest, (by default), go to campaign strategies. Some would argue and say there are more, but for arguments sake, I’m only going to speak on these two methods. I’m going to give you case studies and show you that both have their place, and at the same time work against each other. For some of you small business owners who do not have someone running a marketing department, or you haven’t been able to pay for the agency’s help, I’m going to give you all of the information that I have to help you figure out how to make these methods work for you.

Its hard to look at one of these and say they are different, they are, and they aren’t, we can go all day arguing this point. The fact of the matter is that if you are going to set up a PPC strategy, you have to use your SEO skills to help keep your cost low, and with killer SEO skills you at time don’t need to set up PPC. Let me break with down even further, let’s for example assume that you are a bakery. A local business, you serve your community, you have no controversy as to the clients you serve, and you are making some killer cakes and cookies. You are entering a slow month, business is okay, but you are not selling birthday cakes like you did two years ago. You have all the major social sharing, (social media), sites running through your drag and drop website that your nephew or niece set up. You were able to have some awesome pictures of your last round of products taken and uploaded and you are standing out from the other bakeries in the area. So far, it’s fair to say that you have maybe a few hundred dollars invested into your digital presence. And with tech companies making bigger and better products, you are going add something to your website that is going to make you the biggest bakery since TLC’s The Cake Boss. Here is where you are going to be very disappointed, you have only one piece of the puzzle completed. Your content. . . that portion is completed, and you are still in need of link building, social shares, anchor texts and meta tags updated, but that company that you have your website hosted is telling to spend and additional $500 for SEO plugin. These plug ins are not going to do all these things for you. At some point you are going to need a person, or agency to handle it for you. Now, lets say you are going through your emails and Google is telling you to spend $100 for advertising, you can set up a display ad, great, take your best picture, find out the best keywords, where you want to have your ad scene and then hopefully a new clients comes through the door. The problem with PPC is that you are bidding those keywords with everyone else in your industry, with the hopes that your ads is running at the right times.

With SEO you are using your content to help push your products, you are sharing all this content with friends driving traffic to your site via word of mouth. With PPC you are driving traffic to your site through the amount of money that you are spending. My method is simple, build your SEO, when money comes in then move to PPC. Click here if you are still in need of assist!

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