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Let me ask you, In which picture are you quicker to recognize the brand that is selling you a product? The 2 pictures both show Ecommerce stores selling a product, but one is clearly more recognizable. Some people may even have thought that Amazon was the

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In todays marketing world these are the biggest, (by default), go to campaign strategies. Some would argue and say there are more, but for arguments sake, I’m only going to speak on these two methods. I’m going to give you case studies and show you that both have their place, and at the same time work against each other. For

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This week I got an email from one “influencer” attempting me to pay a mere $97 to download an hour and a half video explaining how to monetize your Instagram page. I wrote a blog the other day at giving 100 steps on how to take everything this girl is selling you and I did it for free. 
If you are in this business you are always attempting to stand out


Blogging is often at times the last thing on a companies to do list. Most of the time people just say, ” I read an article. . .” (you can fill in the rest of that statement, we hear it at least once a day).

The fact still remains, it’s the same process as blogging, the only difference between that article that was read and

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1. What Your Goals Should Be

Many tools help us perform research on the front-end of SEO engagements.

Whether it is keyword researchcompetitor research, or auditing tools to understand the current standing of technical issues on a website, we’re relying on technology early on.

The sometimes wide variation in data provided in different keyword


But you knew that already.

As a blogger, you’ve come face to face with countless challenges.

Thankfully, you aren’t alone. And you don’t have to sit back and watch your content struggle.

Here are the three biggest blogging challenges and how you can overcome them.

Challenge 1: Topic


In a new study released by Google, 55% of people asked, stated that they research a product through their search engine and then go to YouTube to see how it actually works.

Welcome to the new wave of E commerce. A few years ago, I was working for an app company and they

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In the modern-day landscape of saturated online content, it’s no longer enough to just build your site and wait for people to visit it.

You must be proactive at promoting your site and your brand online.

It’s no secret that companies will not have the

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