It’s almost 2020! And yes even today sings have the ability to go viral a lot faster than they did ten years ago, the fact is how relevant is it to go viral? The answer is super important it’s imperative that we have content that gets to people’s eyes without us actually having to pay people or platforms to get it in front of them. I can honestly say I’m excited that Instagram has decided make a difference with their platform and remove likes from certain product lines and “influencers”. Google ads recently came out with the new alternative to instead of page rankings they have paid positioning and they give you a percentage as to where your ads show up in the page rankings and I’m assuming that out of 100% that means you are at the top of the page and then it kind of dwindles away from their knowing your page percentage is important but having paid rankings is even better that’s why I supplement Google Ads with a great product that I know called seoptimizer.com.
It’s important for me to know where my ads are at at all times I need to make sure that my clients are getting exactly what they paid for spend is important more than ever and the fact is that they’re making these adjustments so everyone looks like they’re on an even playing field which is great and I love that because it gives a small guy who has no experience the ability to perform as well as those who have been spending millions and millions of dollars and thousands and thousands of hours in this world.
We’re going back to the original title of this blog, going viral, it’s still important we still need eyes and clicks. iIt’s still imperative to produce that content with that real world, real life experience that people can relate with. There more platforms then ever and will allow you to put that content on their platforms its just a matter of making sure that it’s funny, relevant, and something people can share with their friends. 
But besides viral it’s more important than ever to use consistency. Having your audience involved with whatever it is that you’re doing is just as important as going viral. You have to have content on a daily basis. Reach out to the guys over at VIRTUALLTECH.COM and talk to them about setting up a strategy and how we can help build your content platform.

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