Prepare for 2020 Google Changes

Google is making changes again, no one knows what these changes are going to be, and as a good company to make sure they are not going to lose their clients, they are giving us a heads up to make sure we are ahead of the curve and prepared. I don’t mind the

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A lot of questions we get are from people with an idea. They want to know if their idea can be turned into the next big app, and maybe a business for them. In many ways, apps, and sales through those apps, have replaced brick and mortar stores as the bare-bones infrastructure needed for a business. Whereas in the

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I was challenged to create an image for this post in 5 minutes on MS paint

On my phone are 2 apps. One is a big name third party food delivery app with lots of local options in there. The other app is named after the restaurant itself, and while a small chain, it obviously only services its own restaurants. Using

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November 14, 2019


It’s almost 2020! And yes even today sings have the ability to go viral a lot faster than they did ten years ago, the fact is how relevant is it to go viral? The answer is super important it’s imperative that we have content that gets to people’s eyes without us actually having to pay people or platforms to

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1. Content – this is literally the number one on every list for every year, if you’re not focusing on what you are publishing and putting out there then you are losing focus.

2. Link Building – stop focusing on only promoting one piece of content that’s relevant to your subject matter


November 6, 2019

Anchor Texts

Target page relevance

As search engines have matured, they have started identifying more metrics for determining rankings. Check out what our friends over at OutreachMama have to say on the subject. They walk you step by step in the process so you are not building bad links, or practicing bad habits. One metric that stands out among the rest is link relevancy, or how related the topic of

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I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t worried about how and what is going to happen in the coming months. From what we already know there is yet another short cut, another way for the average person to optimize their website without having us, the experts in the field, help. BERT has been activated and there are companies that are seeing traffic like never before. Now we

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Are you using your money on the right platform?

Your creative is unparallel, your copy is leaps and bounds past the industry standard. You are diligently moving your organic traffic, but there seems to be something missing. You now are looking to strategies and move the needle in your favor. You are starting to allocate money to the movement of this campaign.  

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I am going to be hitting you with an updated version of last weeks blog and let you know what you can expect to find with Google’s new Algorithm Update!

So, diving right into it!

New research shows that organic search is 53%

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Let’s go back to why nofollow is important. Well internally for a website it matters really mostly because of crawl budget and page sculpting. Crawl budget is the idea that you only want Google to crawl certain parts of the website because it allows those pieces of the website to get seen more frequently, and to

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